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Tribute to Guru Kalam: A scientist-journalist bond

By Dr Anantha Krishnan M | AUG 2015
Today is Guru Poornima – a special day for Indians, when one remembers, celebrates and honours teachers. It is only serendipity that I am writing a tribute to my Guru and the beloved teacher for millions of Indians - Dr A P J Abdul Kalam - on this auspicious day. For a shishya who has surrendered to his Gurus, this is perhaps the ultimate tribute that I can pay. For many of my friends in the media, I have been the go-to man on Dr Kalam for years now. On the night of July 27, I was on a bus headed for Kerala, when I was flooded with calls inquiring about Dr Kalam’s well-being. Read More...

Living in the dark, he saw his calling to chase doctoral dreams

By Shivendra Urs| FEB 2017

For many of us, when the much evasive hope arrives in darkness, we do not even feel it. But for visually-impaired Manjunatha C., hope had nothing to do with a rare feat he achieved, armed with only his grit and determination. A PhD scholar in Political Science, Manjunatha received his doctorate from the hands of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at the University of Mysore during the 97th convocation which was held in December 2016.

Where there’s a will, there’s a road: Physical disability does not deter Kerala’s Dashrath Manjhi

By Haritha John| MAR 2017

Melethuveettil Sasi has never heard of Dashrath Manjhi, the Bihar mountain man, who single-handedly carved a road to his village. But the 63-year-old disabled man from Vilappilsala in Thiruvananthapuram district, has nearly achieved an equally impressive feat, carving a 200-metre road through the hill in front of his house.

It took him three years to finish the arduous work that gives his family and five other families a straight road to reach the wider world. Sasi had been a coconut tree climber since the age of 15. Read More...

From a security guard to a designer

By Team Billion Beats| OCT 2016

Unlike many of us, Srikanth Kumar Sahu is a hard worker with a creative mind. Born in an economically backward family living in Odisha’s Tolakani village, he is one among the few around us who had a dream, and pursued it to his most imaginative way.

His is not a rags to riches story, but a story of what dreamers can achieve if given a chance. When young, it was virtually impossible for his family to live with the sole income of his father. Therefore, to support the financial requirements, he started working at a paan shop after school. He also used to help his father in the field.


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