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‘Blood man’ of Kashmir has donated 140 pints in 34 years

By Mudassir Kuloo| JAN 2016

For Shabir Hussain Khan, the key ingredient to make happiness out of life’s menu, is not available in the market, it is within. At 47, he has made a ritual of donating his blood four to five times a year.
Khan, who first donated blood in 1980 at the age of 13, has since donated 140 pints of blood, a mark of distinction he holds in his native state, Kashmir. Khan has been giving a part of his life for the last 35 years and according to him, he is determined to donate blood till he attains the age of 65. “It has not affected my health but gives me immense satisfaction that my blood is saving lives,” said Khan, who earns his living by working on paper mache. A resident of Alie Kadal of Old City Srinagar, besides donating blood, he has been running an awareness campaign, convincing people to follow him. He has established an NGO which has been organising blood donation camps across the valley. Khan has also donated blood in New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,…


By Adv APJMS Nagoor Roja | AUG 2017

Child safety is snowballing into a major issue, unrelated to the socio-economic background of the child. A recent joint report by the Ministry of Family & Child Welfare and UNICEF says 53 % of the children surveyed are suffering...


Love, Care, Empathize and Educate: Kaliyuva Mane

By Aditi Pathwardhan | AUG 2017

"To be doing good deeds is a man’s most glorious task.” –Sophocles

About 15km from Mysuru, Karnataka, is a nondescript village called Kenchalagudu. Most of us haven’t even heard the name, leave alone being able to pronounce it correctly. It almost never appears on political maps of either the State or the country. Yet, this tiny village has something that will make every Indian proud. Read more...